Transmission services we offer

Transmission Repair & Transmission Service

The best way to help avoid transmission repair is with transmission maintenance. At Atlas Auto that means a transmission flush and transmission filter replacement. Generally, manufacturers recommend a transmission flush every 30,000 TO 60,000 miles. But sooner if you start to experience grinding, clunking sounds, delay in vehicle movement or slipping gears and problems shifting.

To get the best outcome for your transmission flush we begin with a two-part detergent and conditioner treatment. The detergent helps clean moving parts (removing dirt, metal shavings, clutch material and particles) before flushing the old fluid from the transmission. And the conditioner helps provide long-term transmission wear protection and promote smooth shifting.

If you’re experiencing significant issues, you may need transmission repair or a transmission replacement. And since one can be more costly than the other, our expert transmission technicians will first determine whether a transmission repair or transmission replacement is the best course for you so you can make an informed choice.

We perform transmission repair and transmission maintenance for the following:

  • Car transmissions
  • Truck transmissions
  • Van transmissions
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Manual transmissions and clutches
  • Four-wheel drive (4×4) transmissions and transfer cases
  • Front-wheel drive transmissions
  • Transmission replacement

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Atlas Auto technicians have more than just years of auto repair and auto service experience, we have decades in Madison. With a commitment to continual training and certification including Master Technician, the highest level of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

Trusted Service

At Atlas Auto, we are upfront and informative about your auto service or auto repair. Because we want you to make informed decisions. So, you can be confident you’re doing what’s best for you and your vehicle. That’s why we’ve been trusted for auto service and repair in Madison since 1972.  Backing that with a Confidence Plus 24-month/24,000 mile nationwide limited repair warranty.

Fair Pricing

Atlas Auto wouldn’t be in the business of auto service and auto repair in Madison for 50 years if we weren’t a value to our customers. For us it’s about relationships. And that means going the extra mile for you and your vehicle at a price that’s fair and competitive.