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Vehicle Diagnostics

A car diagnostic check (or diagnostic test) is a digital analysis of your vehicle’s computer system and components. You may not be aware just how much your newer car, van or truck is digitized. At Atlas Auto, we know. And we’ve firmly embraced it as the future of vehicle maintenance and repair.

When that check engine light comes on a professional diagnostic test by our expert auto technicians can better narrow down the location of the problem quicker and more efficiently. Which helps speed up both the identification of the malfunction and repair of it if necessary.

Through a vehicle diagnostic test, we can analyze an array of your vehicle’s functions and check for problems and issues that may be incurring in (but not limited to) the following:

  • Engine and individual engine components
  • Transmission
  • Exhaust system (contamination or malfunction)
  • Fuel injectors
  • Ignition
  • Wear and tear on major vehicle components


More than likely an oil change comes first to mind when you think of routine vehicle maintenance. But today’s diagnostics are also great a letting you know when it’s time for other services your vehicle needs to keep it running at its best—while also helping you avoid a possible repair expense down the road. 

So when your car, van or truck alerts you to “maintenance required”, bring it in to Atlas Auto and your technician will run a thorough diagnostic check to identify and inform you of the service needed as well as the cost. Staying on top of your vehicle’s routine maintenance needs is critical to cost-effectively extending the life and performance of your car. And your vehicle’s diagnostics is a vital component to that equation.

Whether your check engine light is on or your vehicle is letting you know that maintenance is required bring it into Atlas Auto for a professional diagnostic test. And drive comforted in knowing that your car, van or truck will continue performing as it was made to.  


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Atlas Auto technicians have more than just years of auto repair and auto service experience, we have decades in Madison. With a commitment to continual training and certification including Master Technician, the highest level of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

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At Atlas Auto, we are upfront and informative about your auto service or auto repair. Because we want you to make informed decisions. So, you can be confident you’re doing what’s best for you and your vehicle. That’s why we’ve been trusted for auto service and repair in Madison since 1972.  Backing that with a Confidence Plus 24-month/24,000 mile nationwide limited repair warranty.

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Atlas Auto wouldn’t be in the business of auto service and auto repair in Madison for 50 years if we weren’t a value to our customers. For us it’s about relationships. And that means going the extra mile for you and your vehicle at a price that’s fair and competitive.